Enough of the HISTORY lesson. It is time to get to the cool stuff and the reason we built this site.

This section is more focused on today or at least the recent past.

I restored my SuperNova 19 long before I ever found a single old picture or any information on the boat. It was all trial and error for 4 years and a lot of help from friends for tiny bits of information. Finding the missing parts for the boat in a lot of cases meant just finding out what it looked like and there half the battle was won. That is where those little bits of info added up to big things.

These pages are about restoring and owning a SuperNova 19 from myself and others.
Then there is the restore of the Supernova24 Race Boat with some other cool stuff to.


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LOST AND FOUND is just that. Lost and found NOVA19's and 24's with some picture of the boats and we are always looking for more.

THE NOVA REGISTRY is a short list of all who are known to / that still own these great original boats.


MY SUPER NOVA is all about my SUPER NOVA19.
I've had the boat a number of years and I guess this is it's log book.

EARLY YEARS   A Log Book Of From When I Bought It In Late Summer 2000 To The End Of 2007.
MOTOR BUILD   A Little Bit About What Was Under The Hood.
MOTOR BUILD II   Is About Second Attempt At More Under The Hood.
MOTOR BUILD III   Is Trying To Stuff Just A Little More Under That Hood.
LATER YEARS   More From The Recient Years Of The Same Log Book.
CURRENT BUILD SHEET   After All The Motor Changes A Short List Of What Is There Now.

RACE BOAT HOME is the Home Page of the 1967 SuperNova24 Race Boat.
RESTORATION 2009   The Race Boat's Restoration. Beginning.
RESTORATION 2010  The Race Boat's Restoration. This Going To Take A While.
RESTORATION 2011   The Race Boat's Restoration. Completion.
CUSTODIANSHIP 2012  The First year Owning An Intact Classic Race Boat.
CUSTODIANSHIP 2013   We made it to a second year...
CUSTODIANSHIP 2015   We Took 2014 Off And Then Went Nuts All Of 2015.
CUSTODIANSHIP 2016   A Whole New Beginning.
RACE BOAT MOVIE PAGE   The Race Boat Gets It's Own Movie Page.
CURRENT BUILD SHEET    After All The Motor Changes A Short List Of What Is There Now.


THE MOVIE PAGE come take a ride with me or watch a year long rebuilds in five minutes or less.


COOL LINKS are friends who made it all possible. I don't get paid for them, they just are cool people.


GARAGE SALE We cant keep everything. Maybe you can use it?


Again, if you have or know of a NOVA19 or 24 please hit the contact us!


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