Scott Bruce took this picture at the St Michaels Boat Show June 2016.
We call it "Sneaking in like an Elephant"

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 And It Starts
February 22, 2017

So here it is in the middle of winter and what is going on? Race boat repairs.

One thing we started last Fall and I just had to get out of the garage. After having really good luck with the rear motorís carburetor alterations we knew we had to do it to the front motorís carburetor. First itís a Holley. Not my favorite carb for a boat, at least not this series but itís what we got so they are staying until someone makes a donation of something better. The issue I have found with Holley is they dry up if not used a lot. So after 5 years it needed a gasket set. I also wanted to change the power valves and most of all I wanted to drill the throttle plates. I know most will say that if you are doing this there must be something wrong but these are not your typical street motors. They want to run and nothing else. When they are idling they are loading up no matter how you set up the carbs so you set the idle up high and try not to idle too much. After rebuilding the drivetrain last summer tightening it up considerably the motors had to be more under control. Drilling the plates allows more air in and you drill them close to the idle air bleeds that way it gives the mixture screws more control. Again, it really worked on the rear motor.
So when we winterized we pulled the carb and put a plate on the intake to close it up. The weather turned nasty and the kit and new plates took a week or so and the next thing you know itís rebuilt and sitting on our small shop desk (a safe space) for the last number of weeks. All it took was a one warm day and we had to install it to get it out of the way of current project (1666 Donzi 16). We couldn't set the floats yet because we didn't want to power up the boat   

Then there is the oil filter remote. Itís one of those things that there is always something else that comes before it and then it never happens. A simple oil filter remote becomes an issue when you want it on the wrong side of the manifold. Mercruiser filter remotes go on the front of the motor in most cases. It took some time to replace ours but after moving the remote from front to back on the rear motor we always wanted to the front because this motor sits so deep between the stringers the oil lines hit them going to the remote. Then the opportunity came for a new remote that has oil line ports out both sides when we needed a new one for our Donzi project. We get it for the race boat and use the old one on the Donzi. A win, win. So of course we had to replace it real quick while we were there so we would have the old one for the Donzi project.

Attempt number three.
When we first got the V-Drive all it had was a hose attached to the vent port that went to nothing. So we thought we were doing something when we put a small oil cup on the vent filled with a breather filter. It leaked. Not much but it was wet. We then put a small break reservoir attached with a short hose which also leaked for some reason. In the process of doing replacement after replacement we found one of the fittings had a small crack hairline crack in it. So that was the last straw, we have had enough. After some research we bought this puke tank for some sort of oil system over flow. But it was way too big. Enough so that the whole v-drive could have emptied into it with room to spare. Also it wouldn't fit under the deck and still be higher then the vent hole in the V-Drive so if something did go in it, it would drain back in the drive. So we had to cut it in half and put it back together. Turned out pretty good and it still should be able to hold almost all the fluid in the drive which should never happen but it could. Hopefully after finding the cracked fitting we wont need it now that we have the best over flow system known to man.

October 25, 2017
What can we say? This year was a bust. Never got the boat out at all. We are on hold until the spring of 2018.


Current motor set up.
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