1965 Donzi Hornet 19'
Don Aronow (driving), Allan "Brownie"  Brown (middle) and Dave Stirrat (riding).
The boat was guaranteed to do 70mph out of the box.

This part of the website is about how the NOVA brand came to be.
It's a long and twisted tail that we are still trying to sort out after many years but here is a little back ground that we know of.

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PRE-HISTORY is about the "Florida Brat Pack".

NOVA MARINE is all about Allan "Brownie" Brown and his wonderful toys.

JOHN ALLMAND BOATS, INC. It's what is known about the company' s history and the second coming of the Super Nova19. With a few other notables .

We would have built a WELLCRAFT section but there is so much out there about them we could never do it justice with our humble website.

If you have one of the boats mentioned on the home page or if you want to know where most of the cool, fast boats that are out there today came from you should read PRE-HISTORY. These folks were amazing when it came to boats. The history the "Miami Brat Pack" made will be here as long as there are very cool, fast boats on the water.

 A aerial view of "Thunderboat Row".
Where so much history was made.

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